Sendi Skopljak intervistata per Influencers Kings
Hi Sendi, from your instagram profile I see you have around 700 thousand followers. How did you arrive at this goal? Tell us about your influencer story.
Hi dear! So, my life as an “Influencer” like you call it today, started around 6 years ago. I was studying to become a teacher and when Instagram came, I made myself an account and started to post pictures from my daily life. To take pictures and photography overall has always been something I feel passionated about so I started to share more and more and in this way other accounts shared my photos and my account started to grow. After a couple of months, I realised that I could earn real money from it so I started my company here in Sweden and this became my main source of income.
How much time a day do you spend to your work?
This is a hard one since it all depends on how many campaigns I have at the moment, but I would say around 8-10hours. Sometimes it’s less and sometimes it’s more.
“When I make other people happy, that makes me happy as well.”
What do you think about who buys the followers?
I think that it’s wrong and I think it’s unfair to people who put their heart and soul into it.
Your photos are very beautiful. Do you always use only professional cameras or even a cell phone
Thank you so much, warms my heart to hear that! I use my Canon 5d MarkIII and I use my Iphone 8+.

Do you modify your photos in any way? Do you have any apps to reccommend in this regard?

Yes, I always try to match my photos with each other and try to have a “red thread” on my feed. I’m mostly using Lightroom and VSCO but I would also recommend facetune and snapseed.
 Are you satisfied with your life and work?
I’m happy and very thankful to be able to work with something I love.
 Which sector can succeed on Instagram nowadays?
Today it’s so much harder to succeed on instagram if you compare to how it was when instagram came. There are so many great accounts out there which makes it a though competition, but I still think that you can make it if you are unique, active and have good content.
What makes you really happy?
My family and my friends. And when I make other people happy, that makes me happy as well.
The work you do is what you imagined when you were a child?
No, as I child I wanted to become a teacher but I’m happy to say that I finished the university last year so I still have my teacher degree. You never know, maybe one day I will work as a teacher!
Your work allows you to travel. What is the place that most impressed you?
That’s correct and that it one of the best things with my job. One place that caught my heart was Mexico and I have to go back there!

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